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In addition to the forecasts of business performance provided to stock exchanges on which TDK shares are traded, TDK also provides information concerning forecasts of business performance by other means. In addition, news releases, documents issued by TDK, content posted on the TDK Web site, responses to questions posed at financial and analyst briefings, and other information may include future plans, forecasts, and strategies. Such information is the result of reasonable conclusions made by TDK management based on information available at the time it was prepared and therefore necessarily involves risk and some degree of uncertainty. Actual performance may vary greatly from these forecasts as a result of a variety of different factors. Factors that may have a significant impact on business results include: (i) the environment in which TDK conducts business and changes in demand; (ii) changes in currency exchange rates, interest rates, and other rates; and (iii) rapid technological innovation in the fields in which TDK is active. The TDK Web site is posted on the Internet and is available to all persons who wish to access TDK information. In order to make fair information disclosures, information that is made publicly available is posted on the Web site as soon as possible thereafter, but posting of information may be delayed because of telecommunications or other problems, and therefore, the Web site is positioned solely as a secondary information source. In addition, not all information disclosed by TDK is posted on the Web site. Information made available by other means may be modified to an easier to understand format for posting on the Web site. When accessing information on the TDK Web site, please keep these points in mind.